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About Us.

The Giving Bin Mission 

Services Already in Place. 

Feed members of the community 24/7 with the use of Giving Bin Food Bins at 4563 Ste-Catherine Street, St-Isidore, ON. 

Provide emergency food services for people or families in dire need, through donation(s) of grocery store gift cards, on a case-by-case basis.  

Provide Christmas Meals to the local school, to supply all children with an equal meal, whether they’re in need or not. 

Manufacture and provide 30-40 families in need with a “Christmas Basket”, each containing approximately $250-$450 worth of food, and grocery gift cards so they can eat (the amount of money varies on the family’s size). 

Supply the St-Isidore Manor Residents with Pizza Meals during Easter. 

Sell affordable clothing to parents in the community for their babies, toddlers and children. 

New Giving Bin Mission in 2024. 

Specific funds are reserved to be provided to local homeless people with immediate services such as, Food, Clothing, and provide help to reach larger support groups for further assistance in their situation. 

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The Bin  that keeps on giving!

The team

Mom to 4 kids and wife to Daniel, I love taking photo's and being outdoors and I am very passionate about cats! In my spare time I foster squirrels for the Wildlife center.  

I am also the owner of

Chez Karine Daycare

for the past 20 years.
Many hours a week go into my project; The Giving Bin


Karine Rose


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